Mentoring für Internationals

Who? Atul (Uni Saarland)
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Track Studium
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Requirements Hybrid
Notes As requested, the orientation document can be found here - You can also find here the OE schedule, video recordings etc. We don't share the slides we use unfortunately.

Follow-Up zu "Beteiligung von Internationals" von der KIF 50,0.

Responding to the request AK "Mentoring für internationals". Additional - international students in FSR.

Often it is seen in universities with high international student count there can be an apathy and disconnect between the student communities where students form their own cultural sub circles and aren't open to integration. Hence we find our activities as FSR insufficient or ineffective.
Has this happened to you? Do you have something so ask, say or bring to attention?
Lets us get together and discuss the issues we as FSR face in incorporating internationale students to the Uni, the system, the course and credit structures or to the local community and finally to the FSR.

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Fri 14:15 - 15:45 1:30 HTW - C C354 Go to virtual room

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Thursday 06:30 Sunday 00:00